What strikes in your mind hearing a word pool? It’s very obvious for any one of us is to have an exotic environment with natural landscape of your backyard, decor and furniture. Thinking about pool takes you to the world of Leisure. Pool lovers can choose from any number of decorations and landscaping items to give their fluid addition just the right form and function for their needs.

Let’s begin with the concepts of pool landscaping that are presently available and what fits into the design plans you have for your backyard pool area.

  • Pool decor
  • Landscape Planning
  • Maintenance

Keep reading the important portion for Pool Decor & Landscapes.


Choosing a correct location is an important tool to make your pool look alive and comfortable.  Here are the two most important things to be taken into consideration while planning and deciding on for the perfect location your backyard does have.

  • Excellent Heat: Natural heat is required throughout the day as it is beneficial in keeping water in good condition.
  • Excellent Drainage. You should never opt to choose an area for pool where there is drainage problem. Again, pools should not be placed on any slope form or on any upward to downward trend.


Pool Lights, underwater lighting can add the important aspect of safety for your pool, It can light up the water which adds up to pool’s beauty. Various lighting choices are there in the market that can help any pool maintaining its beauty as well as the safety and will also highlight the artwork along with natural beauty around swimming pool.

  • Central as well as important lighting help reflecting attractive qualities on water surface. These lightings actually make a difference in the entire scenario and make the pool look more attractive.
  • Dynamic Lighting, a lighting looks like as it is twinkling, changing colors and reflection as well.
  • Ex positional Lighting treats the object performing brightness.
  • Lighting used to create shadows is actually a shadow lighting which results into a mysterious view of the garden attached to swimming pool.


Landing to landscaping, the only focus is on the rocks. The rocks can give an excellent view which can attract you and your friends. Rocks deliver a unique view. The picture below herewith will explain the things more clearly.


Plantings are also very important as they can bring out the very best form of landscaping a pool. They can give a warm and soothing effect to the pool.

The image shows the proper placement and planning works together to pull an exquisite Backyard space.


The decking totally depends on your requirements and wishes. Decks can add up like couches, seats, recliners, lawn chairs, etc. This brings a pool into a great outfit. It helps one after swimming to be comfortable enough and rest. If decking is done, one needs to be very careful in making them settle down even in windy days. You need to take care of the chairs or beds if perfectly rooted or not.


Whatever your landscapes may be, the decor and finishing touches will definitely provide you an outstanding image of your pool. Time along with the performance both are required to bring out the best form of either the swimming pool or either the landscape, doesn’t matter, will be helpful to both of them. From a respective point of view, a pool having a beautiful garden and having a rock work done in an art manner is always the most beautiful one desired by any one of us.

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