Spas and swimming pools in Canberra must comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Other states have local variations and multiple standards, so if you reside in another State or Territory, you can look up applicable information on SPASA’s pool fencing rules guide.

ACT Pool Regulations

As we mentioned above, there are specific laws that apply in different states. These are the rules common to all states and are applicable in the ACT.

  • Safety fence and gate should be at least 1.2m high
  • Vertical supports should not be climbable and any gaps should not be more than 100mm
  • The outdoor pool area should not be accessible via a door
  • A pool gate is required and should open outwards
  • Gates must also be self-closing from any position
  • The gate’s latching device should be more than 1.5m above the ground

Changes To ACT’s Pool Fencing Laws

The ACT Government is under pressure to create a database of backyard pools after the drowning death of a toddler in 2015. A coronial inquest into the death found that current ACT pool fencing rules are confusing and insufficient.

“Lives are being put at risk because pools in the ACT aren’t required to have fencing or certain building standards depending on the time it was built” – Coroner Beth Campbell

The coroner strongly recommended that current pool safety standards be applied retrospectively so that every pool in the ACT is required by law to have a pool barrier and meet modern safety standards.

More Safety Tips for Your Canberra Swimming Pool

C.J.G. Pools & Earthworks is proud of our commitment to safety. Swimming pools provide plenty of fun, but they can also pose safety risks for both children and adults. To make the most of your experience in and around your pool, a close eye on safety is a must. Here are our top safety tips.

  • Have specific rules for pool use – for example, never swim alone, no running within the pool area and no food and drink around the pool area
  • Invest in CPR training – this valuable knowledge could help you save a life should the unthinkable occur
  • No running on the pool deck – slips and falls can cause serious injuries
  • Always ensure adult supervision – if you’re entertaining friends and neighbours, take turns designating a supervising parent
  • Keep glass off of pool deck – a dropped glass can result in shattered, sharp fragments, presenting a major risk
  • Keep pool chemically balanced – clean pools are safe pools

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