A pool without landscaping is like a new home without any soft furnishings. The landscaping around your pool will not only completely transform its appearance but allows you to create your own unique entertainment area by adding custom elements such as  lighting, water features and plants. Landscape design around pools requires a trained eye, so it’s always best to consult with an expert before getting started. 

Pool Landscaping Plants

Planting around pools requires planning and thought. Rather than choosing plants that you like the look of, you need to invest in the right plants for the type of pool that you have. And this will largely depend on whether you have a saltwater pool or a chlorinated one.  Both chlorine and saltwater splashes can be toxic to plants, so you need to consider this first.

The best poolside plants for saltwater pools are salt-tolerant coastal species. Gardening Australia recommends:

  • Agave attenuate
  • Bromeliads
  • Echiums
  • Cycads
  • Palms
  • Westringia
  • Coastal Banksia
  • Chinese Hibiscus
  • Olive
  • Rosemary


modern pool landscaping

And for chlorinated pools anything with tough, leathery leaves such as:

  • Mondo grass
  • Cordyline
  • Star Jasmine

Regardless of which pool type you have, no one wants to spend more time than they need scooping leaves and debris out of their pool. Clogged filters aren’t much fun either. Therefore, always avoid deciduous trees and those with small flowers and leaves that can fall into your pool. Bamboo and other plants that have extensive root systems can cause structural damage to your pool surrounds so these should be avoided at all costs. And if you’re not sure, ask the experts about the best plants to have around your pool.

modern pool landscaping

Pool and Backyard Design 

The first question you need to ask yourself is what the primary purpose of your pool will be. Is it a place for the kids to hang out? An exercise area? Or a relaxing place to entertain guests? The answer to this question will determine the direction in which your landscaping heads. For example, a pool slide or hammock are great additions for kids, while a raised deck with an outdoor kitchen might be your best option for entertaining guests.

Lighting is essential for practical reasons, but it can also be used to highlight unique features and create different moods. Other ideas you might want to consider include: 

  • colourful tiles
  • integrating a spa
  • daybeds and sun lounges
  • vines
  • firepits
  • waterfalls
  • themed landscaping
modern pool landscaping

How Much Does Pool Landscaping Cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this. The best way to think about the landscaping around your pool is as an investment in your home. If you’re ready to get started, give CJG Landscaping a call to arrange a free consultation and quote.