In the pool building world, opinions are (often strongly) divided over which pool material is superior. Some pool builders swear by fibreglass, while others insist concrete swimming pools are the way to go. As a leading name in Canberra pool builders, CJG Pool & Earthworks knows that there’s no right answer. The only right answer is what type of pool is right for YOU.

To help better equip you to make a decision about your home swimming pool, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these two key types of pool material.

Fibreglass Pools – The Speedier Option

One of the main advantages to choosing a fibreglass pool is the speed with which you can have your new pool installed. Since the pool will come ready-built from the factory, the installation time is a fraction of what it takes to construct a concrete pool. If you’re anxious to be swimming sooner, fibreglass might be the better option.

Fibreglass also boasts an arguably more attractive finish. It’s a smoother coat that can have a higher level of polish and even colour.

Typically, fibreglass pools are on the smaller side compared with concrete pools, which can be custom-built to your size and shape preferences.

When it comes to maintenance, fibreglass pools are known to be simpler. They demand less regular maintenance, and generally never need a resurfacing, the way concrete might. For many pool owners, the lower maintenance requirements for fibreglass may be a major factor in their decision.

Concrete Pools – For the Ultimate in Design

Perhaps the best benefit of a concrete pool is its ability to be fully customised. Size and shape know no bounds for the concrete or gunite swimming pool. If you’re interested in a pool which mimics the sloping shore of a beach, concrete is your material of choice. Unfortunately, this ability to be fully-tailored means that concrete pool installation takes much longer to complete.

Concrete pools can be much deeper than fibreglass. If you enjoy diving, concrete might be the better option.

Concrete is also preferable for those hoping to create a natural landscape with their pool. Using water features, stone, and other elements, a concrete pool tends to fit more organically into it’s environment, generating that tropical paradise or natural pond look you may be after.

Some Further Thoughts

Both fibreglass and concrete are sturdy, durable materials that will ensure a lasting pool for the years to come. Conflicting reports exist about which type of pool retains heat better. Some swear by the temperature-maintaining qualities of fibreglass, while others claim concrete (known for its thermal properties) is the clear winner. This point may in fact be a stalemate for the two popular pool materials.

So which one is right for you? If you’re still unsure, feel free to reach out and have a chat with our team. As Canberra pool builders with years of experience, we know our industry inside and out. We are confident we can provide you with the necessary info to help you make the very best choice. And we’d love to help you create your dream pool. Get in touch today.