Now that summer is over; it’s time to prepare your swimming pool for the cold months ahead. Winterising is vital to the health and longevity of your pool. It protects your pool against damage caused by cold temperatures and prevents the growth of algae, so when summer rolls around again, your pool will be safe for you to use. Here’s some tips on how to winterise your pool.

  • Balance The Water

The first step is to balance your pool’s pH level. It should be between 7.2 and 7.6. You can determine your swimming pool’s pH level by taking a water sample to your local pool experts. If the pool water is not balanced, add the appropriate treatment to bring it to the correct level.

  • Clean The Pool And Filter

Dirty water promotes the growth of algae. Therefore, you need to clean the pool by brushing the walls and floor. Make sure to clean the pool’s filter, as well. Otherwise, grease and oil deposits will harden in winter, making them more difficult to remove.

  • Use A Shock Treatment

You should also use a regular shock treatment throughout winter. After adding the appropriate treatment, run the pump and filter for a few hours to distribute the treatment well. You can also add algaecide to your pool to prevent algae growth.

  • Determine Chlorine Levels

Keep your pool’s chlorine levels at two to three parts per million (PPM). This is to ensure that your pool will stay clean and clear all throughout winter. If you’re using a salt chlorinator and a pool blanket, reduce the output of the chlorinator to 1 to 2 PPM because pool blankets tend to trap chemicals and chlorine.

  • Cover The Pool

Don’t forget to cover your swimming pool once you’re done with your pool winterising routine. This will help prevent water loss and keep the pool water clean. More importantly, see to it that you keep a maintenance schedule throughout winter. Inspect your pool once a week and ensure that all pieces of equipment are working as they should. Also, check the water, chlorine, and pH levels and empty the skimmer basket.

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