An instant thought gets into our excellent minds on hearing a word ‘pool’ is having an awesome weekends, just to feel refreshing at any time. Thinking about pool takes you to the world of Leisure. Pool lovers can choose from any number of decorations and landscaping items to give their fluid addition just the right form and function for their needs.

As we already discussed in our previous blog about the concepts of pool landscaping which included pool’s decor landscape planning and maintenance. Now, we will look forward into the the features of pool landscaping. Below mentioned will give you an aerial view.

  • Features of Water:

The sounds of and effects of falling water or moving water modifies a motionless swimming pool into a beautiful and attractive fountain. Waterfalls are actually a part of real-life rock pools.

  • Spas:

The exceptional feature of a spa is that it is used for both reformation and health. To enjoy a relaxing environment to unwind, planting is most often necessary.

  • Planting Around Pool:

An attractive pool landscape is not like eliminating plants because they are key to resolve any kind of problems. Plants however create privacy. Plants are helpful in making a naturalistic pool, it appear more realistic when surrounded by the plantation.

  • Different Types of Rocks: The rock around the pool generally gets divided into artificial stone and natural stone. The difference is like natural stone must be towed and set on site, and due to its weight the use of large stones can present expensive engineering challenges. This is why artificial pool stone systems are growing in popularity because they are more adaptable to pool.
  • Shades/Protection: Shades vary with designs and style of the house. Shade may be attached to the house or it can be freestanding within the landscape. However, the shade is very important for pool for protection from heat and other damages.

These are the few things you need to be aware while having a pool landscaping. Having an idea of such important features could give your pool the best look and can add up to your standard of living.

How to Maintain Your Pool?

You can maintain your pool with the given 4 beneficial points.

  1. You need to pay more attention to the chlorine level of your swimming pool water. Test your pool water frequently, if not daily, every alternate days and make necessary adjustments for a hygienic swimming pool.
  2. Chlorine needs to be dissolved in a large bucket of water before it is added to the swimming pool. You need to take care of adding chemicals to water and not water to chemicals.
  3. You need to monitor your pool filter system closely during this entire process and clean the filter every time as the pressure rises above 10 psi.
  4. High levels of phosphates in water will result much more usage of chlorine than usual.

Hopefully, the article provides you with expert advice on pool maintenance and landscaping, which will help you in near future to develop and maintain your pool in a great shape.