Here at C.J.G. Pools & Earthworks, we don’t just pride ourselves on being leading Canberra pool builders, we’re also proud of our commitment to safety. Swimming pools are heaps of fun, but they can also pose safety risks for both children and adults. To make the most of your experience both in and around your pool, a close eye on safety is a must. To help you get your pool in top shape, here are 7 safety tips for your Canberra swimming pool.

Install and maintain a pool security fence

Drowning is one of the greatest pool-related dangers, and a security fence is one of the best ways to prevent young children from accessing the swimming pool without supervision. Your fence should be sturdy and durable, with a height that cannot be climbed by children. Most importantly, the gates leading to and from the pool must have child-proof locks and automatic latching. Check local regulations for pool fencing but don’t hesitate to go even further in your safety measures.

Have specific rules for pool use

When your family knows what is acceptable for using the swimming pool, maintaining safety is much easier. One excellent rule for everyone is to never swim alone. This is essential for children, who should always have adult supervision, but can be a smart rule for adults themselves. Safety is always better in numbers.

No running on the pool deck; be dry when heading indoors

Another pool safety tip for your Canberra pool is meant to prevent slips and falls. First, never allow running or rough play on the pool deck. Second, keep the pool deck clear of pool toys, maintenance equipment, and other trip hazards. And finally, don’t enter your home without thoroughly drying yourself after swimming. It’s too easy for excess water to drip on your floor and to become an indoor slip hazard.

Keep pool chemically balanced

Clean pools are safe pools. Chlorine and other products eradicate algae or other unwanted growth. But it’s important that your swimming pool maintain the appropriate chemical balance. Only use the recommended amounts of chlorine or other treatments. This prevents any irritation to eyes or skin and keeps the chemical levels healthy for all.

Always ensure adult supervision

When children are in or near the pool, there must be adult supervision, always. If you’re entertaining friends and neighbours, take turns designating a supervising parent, to make sure the children have eyes on them at all times.

Invest in safety/CPR training

Anyone who plans to use the pool should have solid swimming skills. Kids can take swimming lessons to learn the basics—and to help keep them safe. But adults and teenagers can also undergo training in CPR. Having this valuable knowledge could help you save a life should the unthinkable occur.

Keep glass off of pool deck

While your pool deck is a wonderful place for hosting parties and gatherings, for safety’s sake, always serve your beverages in non-glass containers. A dropped glass can result in shattered, sharp fragments, and any breakage in the pool area presents a major risk. Instead, choose plastic or styrofoam drinkware.

These safety basics will help make swimming in your backyard pool its very best. If you’re thinking of installing a swimming pool in your Canberra home, we’d love to discuss your needs. At C.J.G. Pools & Earthworks, pools are our business. Let’s get started creating your dream pool.